Workshop Service

We operate a fully licenced workshop (Lic MVRL43657) providing complete general, auto electrical and airconditioning service (Refridgeration Lic: L022135).

While specialising on Mustangs, we also support and provide restoration services for Dodge, Plymouth, Chev and other US models and Australia's very own Falcon GT/GTHO.

From partial conversions for the DIY handyman to full drive-in, drive-out conversions including fully approved engineers report, wipers, heaters, disc brakes. Even includes the conversion of the T-bar shifter handle, etc.

LHD to RHD conversions
Power steering conversions - V8 and 6 cylinder, (LHD and RHD)

Full engine reconditioning
High Performance engine upgrades
Concourse engine detailing

We have a great reputation for building a strong,quick, reliable motor.

Drum to disc converstions
Drum/disc maintenance/upgrades
Adaptor kits

Either original, new or reconditioned components or full high performance PBR brake kits. Guarantees to stop you when it counts.

Air Conditioning:
Supply and installation including supplying the original interior compnents to suit the interior of the vehicle whilst utilizing modern technology for maximum performance using todays refigerants.

We do partial or complete restorations and upgrades. You can have a back to original job or keep it close to factory spec but with improved components to make it more driveable for todays conditions.  If you want to do it yourself then we can do those parts that are in your too-hard basket.

Exhaust systems
Engine rebuild/upgrade/concourse
Cooling system


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