Parts and Rare Spares

Big Al is an authorised dealer for:

Tony Branda (USA) Shelby, Cobra, Cobra engine & restoration parts)

Scott Drake (USA) for parts for most models

California Mustang

California Pony Cars

TMI Products Interiors and upholstery

 And many more.

We have weekly shipments of parts ex USA including:

    Suspension parts
    Brake components
    - drum or disc
    - original equipment
    - full range of adaptor kits
    - front and rear door glass
    - windscreens, etc
    Engine components
    - 6 cyl and V8
    - Rare engine parts
    - Shelby parts (small block or big block)
    Used parts
    - panels
    - engines and components
    - full suspension parts in stock
    - gearboxes
    - differentials
    Original air conditioning units
    Power steering
    Rebuild units - Exchange
    - pumps
    - gearboxes
    - brake parts and assemblys